Dog Walks & Parks - Want to be listed?

Please contact us if you know of any other places where you can walk with your dog, such as parks. beaches etc., or any walking/ hiking trails where dogs are allowed.
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Dogs are allowed on the beach, but people are urged to please be considerate and scoop the poop at all times, especially during season when there are often masses of canines on the beach at any one time.
At Bonza Bay there is a special beach for dogs with a paved walkway, which meanders through a natural forest and steps leading down to the beach. You can walk quite a distance down the beach.
The dense, indigenous forests surrounding the Amatola mountains is the perfect terrain for walking your dogs.
Bluewater Bay - dogs are allowed but according to one reader, you must “always take into account that locals let their unleashed dogs cruise the beach unattended. The biggest hazard my dogs got into was a stranded sea lion.”
Dogs are allowed on the beach at Mazeppa Bay but do be aware of local dogs and nguni cows.
Dogs are allowed on the beach at Oyster Bay, but they must be leashed!
Dogs are allowed on both East Beach and West Beach, but must be leashed unless otherwise indicated.
According to Port Elizabeth Tourism, you may take dogs onto King's Beach, but no horses are allowed on any of the city’s main beaches, except for the SAPS horses on duty. For more information regarding beach regulations in Port Elizabeth, contact the Beach Manager's Office on Tel: (041) 586 1040.
Sacramento Trail/Schoenmakerskop Dunes - refer to a map of P.E. to find these walks if you are a visitor from out of town. A reader writes: “This is a dog-walker's favourite but these are usually wellbehaved owners who keep an eye out for others.  The Sacramento Trail, named after the shipwreck with the same name – the “Sacramento” is an 8km walking/hiking coastal trail along the ocean with grand views and scenery. It connects the small village of Schoenmakerskop (that has a coffee shop/ restaurant, a few B&Bs and no shops) with the Sardinia Nature Reserve. Sardinia, or “Sards” as locals lovingly call it, has spectacular beaches. The Sacramento Trail is a favourite for walkers from P.E. and it departs in Schoenmakerskop and connects with a beach clearing in a parking lot in Sardinia. (Look out for ice-cream & Gunter's Wurstwagon in season). Schoenmakerskop is a short coastal drive outside P.E. and the Fynbos Trail (aka the Snake Trail - see below) is another route leading inland to the dunes (where dogs are not prohibited). Please note that according to a reader, although this is a great place to walk with dogs, you do need to take care. One reader's dog was bitten by a snake whilst walking there and she says that: “if it had not been for the Kragga Kamma Vet Clinic, the snake-poison would have killed my priceless Belgian Shepherd.”
There are no restrictions on dogs at Second Beach (drive through the town until you get to the turn-off) and it appears they are permitted on most of the beaches in the Port St Johns area.

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